Special grade for film blowing

Special grade for film blowing

A TPE compound based on SEBS specially developed for film blowing of elastic films with layers of less than 100 μm (up to 50 μm).

The opal/translucent compound can be enriched with gliding/release anti-blocking agents. Process setting and colour methods are equivalent to PE film blowing.

Our Chemiton for film is suitable for the production of elastic single-layer film for surgical drapes.

We can also offer grades for improving the features of adhesive film in PE, especially for applications connected with baby and personal care (diaper and adult diapers).

Key Features
  • Appearance: opal/translucent
  • Single layer soft elastic film, specially designed for the production of surgical patient drapes
  • Elastic film blowing with layer below 100 μm (down until 50 μm possible)
  • With release and anti- blocking agents
Available grades
  • Hardness: 50 and 60 Shore A
  • Density 0,90 g/cm³
Main markets
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Paramedical
  • Senior & baby care
  • Single layer film blowing, or multi-layer film blowing with all the most widely used poliolefinic polymers
  • Process setting and colour methods equivalent to PE film blowing (processing temperatures between 150° C and 200° C)
Regulation Status
  • Compliant with 10/2011/EU and FDA 21 (Food contact)
  • Compliant with 1907/2006/CE, ROHS, RAEE, WEEE, ELV, EN71/3