Fatty food USP Cl. VI

Fatty food resistant

Special for Fatty food is the new crystal clear TPE compound, based on SEBS, suitable for contact with fatty food in accordance with the European Regulations.

It is completely compliant with 10/2011/EU and also 1907/2006/CE, ROHS, RAEE, WEEE, ELV, EN71/3. This innovative compound is characterized by an extremely low migration level, when in contact with simulant D2 (olive oil).

Chemiton for fatty food can be processed with conventional plastic processing technology such as injection moulding and extrusion. Other important features are the extremely high resistance to alcohols and the sterilization by steam-autoclave.

Key Features
  • New compound TPE-S based on HSBC, suitable to contact with fatty-food according to EU Regulations
  • Very low migration when in contact with simulant D2 (olive oil)
  • Glass-like transparency
  • Wide service temperature range (can be sterilized with different methods, including autoclave)
  • Completely plasticizer-free
Available grades
  • Hardness: from 65 Shore A to Shore D
  • Density: 0,89 g/cm³
Main markets
  • Pharmaceutical industry (tubing, closures, etc.)
  • Medical devices
  • Food industry (sealing, closures, etc.)
  • Injection moulding, 2k onto PP
  • Extrusion, coextrusion with PP
Regulation Status
  • Fully compliant with 10/2011/EU (food contact)
  • Compliant with 1907/2006/CE, ROHS, RAEE, WEEE, ELV, EN71/3