Transparent crystal clear, plasticizer-free

Transparent crystal clear, plasticizer-free

Chemiton Clear® transparent “crystal clear” is a 100% oil and plasticizer-free, high transparency compound.

With its glossy surface finishing, it is considerably scratch proof and has an optimal resistance to atmospheric conditions (UV and ozone).
Various sterilising methods including autoclave are possible.

Chemiton crystal clear is suitable for applications requiring high mechanical and scratch resistance as well as ageing stability like sport items (diving goggles, laces and bands for sport equipment) design and fashion items, watchstraps, toys and medical devices.

Technically it is a TPE composed of saturated styrenic block-copolymers based on SEPS, which complies with the regulations for food contact. It is suitable for both injection moulding and extrusion. It is highly compatible with thermoplastic polyolefins and therefore suitable for co-injection and co-extrusion, if needed for the production of multicomponent items.

Key Features
  • Based on saturated styrenic block-copolymers (HSBC)
  • High transparency  – easy to be coloured
  • Free from any plasticizer
  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Very glossy surface finishing
  • Weather, UV and ozone resistant
Available grades 
  • Hardness: from 50 Shore  A to 55 Shore D
  • Density 0,89 g/cm³
Main markets 
  • Medical devices (it can comply with USP class VI, steam, EtO, gamma sterilization)
  • Household articles (also food contact)
  • Toys
  • Sport articles (diving masks, straps …)
  • Design and fashion elements
  • Injection moulding, adhesion to polyolefinic polymers
  • Extrusion
Regulation Status
  • Compliant with 10/2011/CE (except for fatty foods) 1907/2006/CE REACH Annex  XIV and XVII, ROHS, RAEE, WEEE, ELV, EN71/3