Translucent USP Cl. VI

Translucent USP Cl. VI

The translucent SEPS based, USP Cl. VI compound, is the perfect TPE for medical applications. Without PVC and latex, biocompatible and without phthalates, it is a transparent and soft thermoplastic rubber, which represents an optimum alternative to silicone.

It can be used for the realization of various soft touch components for medical use as injection ports, twist off closures, connectors, tubes for peristaltic pumps, joints, stoppers, gaskets, valves and membranes.

The translucent Chemiton Med® USP Cl. VI compound is biocompatible for haemolysis and cytotoxicity and conform with intracutaneous reactivity and acute systemic toxicity; furthermore it’s suitable for intramuscular implantation.

The medical devices produced with Chemiton Med® can be sterilized with autoclave, EtO and gamma radiation.

This compound can be processed as well as by extrusion, injection moulding and film blowing.

Disposes of DMF registration at FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Key Features
  • Unfilled translucent/transparent TPE compound with high performance and low compression set based on saturated styrenic block-copolymers (HSBC)
  • High service temperatures
  • Translucent/transparent – easy to be coloured
  • Nice surface finishing
  • Weather, UV and ozone resistant
Available grades
  • Hardness: from 30 to 95 Shore A
  • Density 0,89 g/cm³
Main markets
  • Injected gaskets
  • Electrical devices
  • Automotive
  • Medical devices (compliant with USP class VI, steam, EtO, gamma sterilization)
    Household articles (also food contact)
  • Injection moulding, adhesion to polyolefinic polymers
  • Extrusion
Regulation Status
  • Compliant with 10/2011/CE (except for fatty foods), 1907/2006/CE REACH Annex XIV and XVII, ROHS, RAEE, WEEE, ELV, EN71/3
  • Compliant with USP class VI, ISO 10993-10, ISO 10993-11 , ISO 10993-4 (Haemolysis) and ISO 10993-5 (Cytoxicity)