Adhesion onto PMMA, PBT, PC, ABS

Adhesion onto PMMA, PBT, PC, ABS

Chemiton 2k for adhesion onto Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) has been developed to offer an extremely high transparent thermoplastic material for the production of bi-component manufactured goods composed of hard and soft parts in perfect accordance.

PMMA is a material with various commercial names, the most common are Plexiglass, Prespex, Acrivill, Altuglas, Deglas, Limacryl, Lucite, Oroglas, Perclax, Resartglas, Vitroflex, Trespex and Setacryl.

This special TPE presents a remarkable flexibility and a “glossy” surface. Because of its transparency, it can be easily coloured, also with tender colours.

This specific Chemiton 2k can be used for overmoulding onto several technopolymers such as PBT, PC, ABS, SAN.

Key Features
  • High transparency
  • Compatible with polar plastics like PMMA, PBT, PC, ABS, PC/ABS and styrenics
  • Resistant against oils, acids and fuels
  • Weather, UV and ozone resistant
  • It can be painted and glued
  • Very flexible
Available grades
  • Hardness: from 55 to 65 Shore A
  • Density 1,07 g/cm³
Main markets
  • 2K moulding onto polar plastics
  • Modification of polar plastics
  • Consumer goods
  • Electrical applications
  • Automotive
  • Sport tools
  • Injection moulding, adhesion onto polyolefinic polymers
  • As a modifier also in extrusion processing
Regulation status
  • Compliant with 1907/2006/CE REACH Annex XIV e XVII, ROHS, RAEE, WEEE, ELV, EN71/3