IPL: Industrie Plastiche Lombarde SpA

IPL and Franplast environmentally conscious innovation in “Life Science”

Since 1975 “IPL Industrie Plastiche Lombarde S.p.A.” has been manufacturing its patented flexible hoses, made with polyurethane, thermoplastic elastomers and vinyl compounds.

The insight and inspiration of the Ardo family have developed the business over the years, transforming it from a small family concern into a share limited company that has become well-known around the world, with headquarter in Italy and three subsidiaries abroad. The headquarter disposes of an area of 55.000 square meters where the offices, the production plant, laboratories and the research department are located.

In 2009, the company introduced the “Natural Philosophy“, that is the environmental protection as a key principle in the guidance and policy of the company’s activity.

Stimulated with this philosophy, IPL has contacted Franplast in order to develop a number of special compounds with high performance guarantee respecting persons and environment.

Thanks to the synergy with Franplast, the new IPL “Life Science division”, specialized in the production and distribution of hoses for the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, launched a new advanced product range.

IPL Crystal Clear55 is the new tubing made of TPE with medical certification USP Class VI and ISO 10993, which distinguishes for its remarkable mechanical features and the possibility to be sterilized with different methods, autoclave included. Producers of peristaltic pumps have confirmed the most satisfactory results because they appreciate its exceptional long-life time together with the high resistance. The tubing for peristaltic pumps indeed needs particularly elastic materials able to resist for a long time to the aggressive substances transported and to the continuous operational demands of the pump, limiting the phenomenon of powder or fragment release.

Using a special health-grade, plasticizer free TPE, IPL has created Pharmapress, Pharmasteel and Pharmasteelpress, a range of transparent high performance tubes. This line of hoses is highly resistant to alcohol (up to a percentage of 96 %), and is compliant with the international regulations for the medical-pharmaceutical sector (USP Cl. VI and ISO 10993) as well as fully suitable for food contact, fatty food included. Furthermore these products are different because of their “Curing-free” nature (no risk of leaching of curing agent residues), and they are completely neutral in taste and smell. All these characteristics enable the “IPL Life” products to be widely employed in the transport of pharmaceutical preparations, cosmetic products, liquid food, fruit juice and high quality alcoholic drinks.

For further information, please visit the official website of the company: www.ipl.it