OEM oriented

OEM oriented

With 50 years of TPE-S experience, Franplast is the right partner to support you by developing new products made of TPE. Thermoplastic rubber confers to products one or more properties like soft touch, ergonomics, grip, anti-skid, insulation, shock-absorbing, anti- vibration, flexibility, puncture resistance, tear resistance, nice surface feeling and much more.

We have a deep knowledge of thermoplastic elastomer applications and we are aware of the opportunity presented by today’s materials. To fulfill the increasing demand of products with strong visual and haptic properties it is natural to think of new items made of two or more components, usually one hard and one soft (2k process).

We can help you to transform a market opportunity into a new product, or if redesign sounds more appealing to you, we can assist you by giving new life to products in the maturity stage.

Processing thermoplastic materials instead of thermosets rubber and plastics, enables to take advantages of the injection moulding and extrusion processes and it offers limitless design possibility.

Due to our long-term relationship with a wide network of mold makers and subcontractors, we can easily select the most suitable partner for your projects. Starting off on the right foot is a big advantage and allows you to gain time and reduce costs in product development, optimizing the production process.

To OEM customers we can offer:

  • 50 years of TPE experience
  • Development and supply of custom formulated TPE
  • Subcontractors selection
  • Cooperation with R&D department, product development units, designer, mould-makers and marketing department

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