2017 and 2018 have been significant for Franplast, especially concerning the technical innovation. There were several investments for R&D sector.

Some of the purchased instruments are intended to substitute existing equipment, for example the new dynamometer. A new usage has been implemented to the measurement of the mechanical properties: the Peeling Test. The chemical adhesion of the samples produced with the 2K injection moulding machine is examined in order to identify the most suitable material for the different applications.

The remaining part of the purchased instruments (the main percentage of the investments) represents a piece of news: such as the purchasing of the 2K injection moulding machine, it is a new choise realized by the company with the purpose of simplifying the customers’ processing methods. The aim of the usage of this new equipment is the identification of the chemical nature of the compounds’ components through specific and deepened analysis.

In the end, there are particular problems dedicated instruments, for example the microscope with camera and pictures processing system, that is used for the study of the defects and/or the customers’ specific requests observation.

The last investments in R&D sector, demonstrate Franplast’s determination in the constant study of the 2K materials and the orientation in the satisfaction of the customers’ specific requests.